Now that Rob’s involvement in Cosmopolis has been announced, various people are sounding off about what they think of his involvement and how he’ll fare outside ofTwilight. Adam Rosenberg of Spinoff Online said:

Robert Pattinson, the dreamy-eyed, debatably talented star of the ‘tween sensation Twilight series has nailed down his first post-vampire role, and it’s a bit of a coup…I say “debatably talented” because, frankly, the jury’s still out on Pattinson from where I’m sitting. While I respect what the Twilight movies represent in terms of widening the reach and appeal of geek culture… they’re really not very good…I understand the appeal, but I’m not willing to pass judgment on any of the cast based on their involvement in the series.

That’s just an excerpt of his article, and you can check out more at the source. Joshua Brunsting from The Criterion Cast (a film podcast), said:

Originally a role slated for Colin Farrell, it appears as though Pattinson has taken over the film’s lead role…Personally, I do think that Pattinson may have a bit more talent than a role like Edward in the Twilight series may suggest, and there is no other filmmaker more suited to getting that type of performance out of a young actor than Cronenberg.