In's online poll, Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt are on the run for the sexiest bloodsucker title. But who will win? Well, according to the results as of 8/29/10, 10:45 am pacific time, the reigning bloodsucker is none other than Mr. Robert Pattinson himself. But hold on, the choices from the poll are 'Robert Pattinson is the sexiest vampire' which scored 35% of the votes, 'Brad Pitt is the sexiest vampire ever' which scored 14% of the votes and 'None of the above' which scored more than half of the votes with 51%. Awww...why so harsh, guys? At least one of them is the sexiest vamp. So please vote for Rob here and let's take down 'None of the Above'! (Sorry, I'm in a hyper mood :)

                                                                              By Rosy Belle @ 8/29/10, Sunday