We are all familiar with Rob’s headgear, ray-bans, and v-neck tees. But now that his fame has reached epic proportions,  the hottest designers and photogs are vying for his attention.  He’s not necessarily a fashion icon, but that’s only because he probably doesn’t give a shit about such a distinction.  Beyond his obvious good looks, it’s that devil may care attitude that makes him so desirable.  Versatility is also part of his appeal.  He has sported many different looks and rocked them all.

He can do Formal:

He can do Casual:

He can even do Hobolicious:

He’s sexy-licious no matter what he’s wearing.  I have my favorite pix just like anyone else, especially if there’s jaw porn involved.  The jaw slays me.  I’m a shallow h00r like that.  And from all we’ve seen/heard in interviews, as well as from fan encounters and peeps who know him, Rob is apparently just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Le freaking sigh.