As if that doesn’t make her lucky enough, Emma shares the title with Robert Pattinson, who the magazine also bestowed with Most Stylish honors. It’s interesting to see these two together for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they each star in massively successful, and arguably rival, book/movie sagas. Not to mention they shared the screen in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Despite the fact that Emma’s publicist shot down rumors of a potential KStew/Emma feud, we kind of think that RPattz and Em would make not just Britain’s, but the world’s cutest—and most stylish!—couple.

Now that the Most Stylish Brits have been crowned, we got to thinking about the rest of the world’s stylish sirens. Keep reading to find out who made our list of the top 10 international fashionistas!

Say aufedersein to the competition! German überbabe Heidi Klum came to our minds almost immediately as one of the most stylish celebs of the world. The "Project Runway" host, "Germany’s Next Top Model" host and former Victoria’s Secret angel always oozes sex and glamor, even when she's nine months pregnant! Plus, who else could rock a runway in lingerie a mere five weeks after giving birth? Frau Klum, that’s who! Yowza!

Barbados beauty Rihanna is also at the top of our fashionista list. Rihanna’s the "Only Girl (In The World)" who could rock a red asymmetrical haircut, hot shorts, tutus, harem pants and barely-there bodysuits while always looking insanely hot—on and off stage. Sure, Lady Gaga’s always good for shock value too, but RiRi manages to wear outfits that we wish we could wear, not ensembles that aim to become tabloid fodder.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, no style list would be complete without her. Accordingly, we nominate Lady G as the USA’s most stylish gal. Even though we wouldn’t want to wear meat, hair, bubbles or Kermit the Frog, we love that there’s someone brave, bold and original enough to reinvent the wheel every time. Gaga’s outfits aren’t just about shock, though. She insists that her clothes always carry a message. For example, the infamous meat dress apparently had something to do with fighting for our rights and not just being a piece of meat…okay, maybe there’s no message, but we don’t care! Bring on the whimsy, bring on the Gaga!

At the other end of the style spectrum, "Slumdog Millionaire" star Freida Pinto wins our vote for most stylish Indian. Woody Allen’s latest muse always looks perfect on the red carpet in flattering gowns that are fashion-forward without being too trendy. Freida isn’t afraid to experiment with color, which is a good thing since bright shades pop beautifully against her skin. One thing that’s always consistent about her look is elegance. Enviable elegance. It’s a good thing she’s so darn likable, because otherwise, our jealousy would totally make us hate her.

If you mix Freida’s elegance with Heidi’s sex appeal, you get drop-dead gorgeous Spaniard Penelope Cruz. Javier Bardem, you’re a lucky man! Penelope favors body conscious, sexy-but-not-slutty full-length gowns for red carpets, but in her everyday life, she makes staples like Uggs, skinny jeans and flowy tops look anything but ordinary. We can’t wait for her baby to start competing with Suri Cruise for Most Stylish tot honors!

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