'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson admits his co-stars in the vampire film franchise are the only people who truly understand him.

Robert Pattinson thinks his 'Twilight' co-stars are the only people who truly understand him.

The actor - who became an overnight sensation after portraying hunky vampire Edward Cullen in the teen film franchise - admits he and his colleagues have bonded over the years, because they are able to "relate" to one another.

He explained: "Well, they're not as close as my family, but I think it's nice to have been all together at the beginning and then go on pretty much the same ride.

"You can't really talk to anyone else about the same thing as no one else really understands it. Also, everyone has stayed normal, so you can still relate to everyone on the same level as you could at the beginning."

Although he maintains he's still "normal", Robert admits his social life has changed because of his fame.

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I still have the same friends. To be honest, I never really went to bars anyway, but beforehand I couldn't get into anything that had a guest list." CREDITS TO CONTACTMUSIC.COM