The world of modeling is doing a 180-degree switch and going after more manly model and leaving the femme boys behind — what kind of guy do YOU prefer?

Guys come in all shapes and sizes, but with the “manly man” coming back into style we’ve decide to pit the manliest men in Hollywood up against the more metro guys and let you decide who is hotter!

Taylor Lautner, 18 vs. Robert Pattinson, 24

Why Taylor is a Manly Man

* Taylor is constantly working out to keep his body rock hard and in-shape.
* He believes in chivalry when it comes to dating girls.
* He loves watching and participating in all kinds of sports.
* He plays a freakin’ werewolf in the Twilight saga! Can you get much manlier?

Why Robert is a Girly Guy

* He has a contract with Summit Entertainment that limits him on how he styles his infamous hair.
* In his off-time, Robert is a moody musician who writes emotional love songs.
* He was a girly looking model when he was younger and was quoted saying, “When I first started, I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got a lot of jobs because during that period the androgynous look was cool.”
* He plays a glittery vampire in the Twilight saga. Anything that glitters screams girly!