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Heyyah guys!! It's been a while since I posted on this blog!! Anyway, i'll try and so it as much a I can from now on. Sooo, theres so much to say!! First of all, I just posted the BBC Teen Awards screencaptures that I edited myself. It has a watermark in them. Next, I know this are late news but I updated some of the movies in the movies page but theyre not done yet so please be patient with me. I also launched a new group. It's called F.A.H.S (Fans Against Hate Sites). This is a really inportant thing to me since I couldnt stand all of the comments that haters are saying about Rob. Please click the link above in our menu to view my posts!! Please support it by posting our banner posted on the beginning of this blog post on your site and link it to

Next, um..lemme see...I just added a facebook button to our official toolbar. Check it out and it you havent yet, download our toolbar at

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Rosy Belle @ Monday, 11/29/10

 Hey! So first of all, I just want to say sorry for not finishing the movies page yet. I have had a lot of broken promises to you guys and i dont know when but i promise to finish it asap. And, we also had a lot of site updates so check em out. Oh and i will also be changing the banner for this site. It's up to you whether you want to keep the current one or the one i will be posting as soon as i'm done editing it. And sorry fo the lack of updates to our tumblr site. That has always been our fun site where we post a bunch of random stffs about Rob so i promise to update soon.Alrighty then, bye!!

Rosy Belle @ Friday, 10/22/10

I'm sorry guys but this is gonna go a bit off-topic. Aside for Twilight, I also watch another great vampire show and it's called vampire diaries. Personally, not to be a horrible fan or anything but i prefer the darker mood of TVD. And I found this really funny blooper reel for TVD and you could watch it from the video above. I really love Nina Dobrev here, she's so funny especially at

3:37  where she knocked down the statue and Paul Wesley was like 'Oh my god!' So check it out!!

Rosy Belle @ 10/17/10, Sunday

Lotzzah site changes. Phew! I'm geting kinda tired..But don't worry..a vacation mode for this site os not on my agenda for now. I enjoy this too much! Anyway, we just created a tumblr account, we added the link on our homepage and on our official sites page. Check it out here--> Our theme is 'Royal Ribbons' by wakecodesleep (Simon Fletcher) and the background pic was added by me and I got it from  . You can check out site updated at our twitter @rp_Lover_2010 now that it's up and running again. Sorry, if u are a follower and you think I tweet a lot of site-related and un-site-related stuffs. I just like to socialize. I also put up our RSS link at our homepage. Check it out here --->

Oh and sorry if i haven't finished the movies page yet. I get too preoccupied with other site stuffs but I promise to do it ASAP. And please install our toolbar at

Install it to support us. Don't worry, it's free, easy and secure and made using

Oh and Kristen Stewart News and Taylor Lautner News is Temporary Closed because we can hardly call it a Vacation mode because it's been too long before I updated there. Sorry, i've been to busy with this site and school stuffs but please be patient with me. As soon as I get time, I promise to bring back one or both of the other Twilight Threesome Network sites. See ya!

Rosy Belle @ Sunday, 9/26/10

  Heyyy! I know I usually post site related stuffs in here but I was just wandering around the net and ended up finding a photo of Tom Sturridge (BTW, he's Rob's bestfriend). I don't want to seem stalkerish but isn't he adorable? I'm still a loyal Rob fan, no worries. But I just can't help but notice and mention it here. I was feeling a bit antsy a while ago so I just HAD to post it here. Anyway, check out his photo at the beginning of this post. Toodles!!

Rosy Belle @ Friday, 9/24/10

Hey guys!! Finally, we're almost done with this site!! I just added more songs by Rob so check 'em out at 'Robert' then 'Music and Lyrics'. We also improved our music players so check them out also. If you have any better quality mp3 songs by Rob please send them to us via email. Annnnddd, we have lotzz of news! Check out 'Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin in Vogue' in 'Latest News'. I typed out the article from Vogue so please check them out. Oh, and the due back date for Kristen Stewart News and Taylor Lautner News is still tentative. Sorry, I'm really busy! But I promise, after we are done with this site then KSN and TLN will come back from Vacation Mode. We only need to finish the movies page so please be patient with us!!

                                                        Rosy Belle @ Monday, 9/20/10

Hey!! Long time no see! You know, I just realized that our vacation mode was longer than a week, sorry for the miscalculation!! Anyway, being away from the site is so frustrating because the day we come back, there's a LOT of news to post. Luckily for us and you, we're done with posting the latest news and we also improved our chaotic home page so it's a little bit decent now. As for Kristen Stewart News and Taylor Lautner News, vacation mode is still NOT done. Sorry, I'm too busy and I only have time for one website. Anyway, now that we're back we are planning on expanding our quotes page, finishing our Movies page and improving our MP3 player on our Musics page. Oohh and also we are planning to expand our Members Only page. Thanks sooo much for everything!! And NEWS FLASH: WE ARE NOW RANKED 4TH ON TOP MALE SITES. CLICK THIS LINK TO VOTE FOR OUR SITE AND TO VIEW THE OTHER RANKED SITES!! THANKS!!

Rosy Belle @ Tuesday, 9/14/10

Hey!!! Oh my god!! I'm getting website anxiety! Hehe, no seriously, I'm getting really tired and exhausted with hosting three sites and I'm really wishing I never made Kristen Stewart News and Taylor Lautner News. I know, but I promise you guys, I will never stop. I'll fight of my exhaustion and work harder. So anyway, since I'm so tired, all three sites will be on VACATION MODE!! I know I promised you guys I'll only go on Vacation Mode as soon as I finish what needs to be done to all three sites but face it, with my school work and three sites, I can't really finish it so we'll be on Vacation Mode for at least a week and we promise as soon as we come back we will immediately post all missed news, photos and videos at all three sites!! That's our promise!! And we promise we won't break it this time. As soon as we come back, we will finish all that needs to be done but not immediately. Sorry. So anyway, check out out Vacation Mode Banner made by me (Rosy Belle) and made with and hosted by This banner is posted on all three sites' homepage. We will be back from Vacation Mode in 9/14/10. More or Less.

                                                     Rosy Belle @ Monday, 9/6/10 

The picture on the left will probably be made into a banner sooner or later because we like it. But not today, sorry sorry sorry guys because I tend to lose focus (hehe) and we haven't even finished our movies page..sorry again...we promise to do all that we promised you to do..and btw..Vacation Mode is still on and we will be doing just that ONCE we finish the movies page and so on. Meanwhile, check out TTN for new site updates such as our about and mission page. Check out KSN and TSN for Kristen and Taylor updates (there's not really much new news for Tay so sorry if there's not much news soon as there's a new news, we will post it ASAP)

Anyway, I'm tired now. BYE!


                                                     Rosy Belle @ Tuesday, 8/31/10

 Hey there!! Phew! We are almost done with this site. We improved the layout style for Robert Pattinson Lover, Taylor Lautner News, Kristen Stewart News and Twilight Threesome Network. Check them out by clicking the names. Anyways, as I was saying, we have now made lots of changes to our site. In RPL, instead of the many and chaotic navigation we had then, we squeezed it in to make only 8 navigation links. But don't worry, we didn't delete the pages. The bio, music & lyrics, movie pix vid and infos, and games are on 'Robert'. The affliates and newletter are on 'Site'. Get it now? Are you relieved that it's all still there? Next, finally TLN and KSN are done as in finito well almost!We only need to do a teeny weeny detail then were done. We only need to make a favicon for each of them and were all pau! Check em out and please visit them. Here on RPL, we only need to finish the Movie Pix Vids and Infos so if you have any Rob movie pix, vids and infos, send it to and please send us Rob quotes too as we are trying to expand them as well. We are also trying to improve our music player so please be patient for that. And for our chaotic homepage, we will fix em as soon as possible. After everything is done, we will go on Vacation Mode. I mean, after all the hardwork weve done, we deserve a break don't we? Don't worry, it'll only be for a couple of days and we promise not to be gone for more than a week because, face it, a lot can happen in a week. Anyway, so were so excited for our break and were going to do Vacation Mode for at least every 3 months or half a month. Thanks! Hope you guys understand!!

                                                    Rosy Belle @ Saturday, 8/28/10

Hey!! So, we have uploaded the latest news and photos. OMG, I love the Stewart Shining Photo Shoot. Rob looked so hot there!! :) Anyway, we just made a a favorite icon or favicon. You can see it on the browser the left of the site URL. Here it is at a bigger size-->

Next update is that we need your help! We still haven't finished our Movie Pix, Vids, and Infos page and we need various movie photos, Videos and infos. Please send it to us at if you have any and make sure to give us the complete URL of the site you got your infos from. We also need Rob quotes so please feel free to send us some.

Lastly, we are planning on creating a site network. It is going to be called the "Twilight Threesome Network" This site 'Robert Pattinson Lover' is going to be part of the network. We will also be creating 'just news' sites about Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart and include them in the network. Rob, Taylor, and Kristen are the Twilight Threesome, get it? The Taylor and Kristen News site will be available pretty soon so please be patient with us. Meanwhile, check out our 'Twilight Threesome Network' Homepage--->

                                                                             Rosy Belle @ Tuesday, 8/24/10


 Hey there!! Wow...we already have more than 200 visitors from 8 different countries!! That's awesome, guys!! Thank you so much!! As a reward for all your support, we will continue to update and improve our site. Well, as you would have noticed, there's not much new Rob news, photos, and videos so we haven't had anything new to post. But don't worry, we will as soon as there's something new! Annnddd, we just bought a domain from active for two years. A banner is posted nearly a third of this site that tells you to check out our new domain at

and in 48 hours, will be available to direct you to our email. Note that our default URL is still We will not use our new domain in affliating and linking. We have also added our site to various site such as

And we are currently waiting for aka Simply Robert to accept us.
Again, thanks so much guys for the support and without you, we wouldn't be able to get this far and we would have quit this site already. (We have the tendency to stop working on a site once we get tired. :) I know, not gonna happen again. Promise)



                                                                                    Rosy Belle @ Sunday, 8/22/10



 Hey there!! Sorry I haven't been updating this blog for a while. We've been so busy with the site updating, with my school works and other alibis. :D Anyway, yesterday, our site host, has been attacked by an unknown user or source. Our site has been down for a couple of hours that time but it is now up and running. Check out the email we received from Vinny Lingham, CEO here. Plus, major news!!! We are now featured on

as the August 19, 2010 Celebrity Site of The Day. Check it out at or here. Thanks!!


                                                                               Rosy Belle @ Thursday, 8/19/10

 Hey guys!! So have you checked out our new stuffs here in our site. Well, lemme break it all down for you. First of all, we changed and improved our news, videos, photos, and quotes page. Aren't they awesome!! Next, we just officially made a Members Only page. Check it out!! You can sign up on our home page. Just look for our form there. Next, we just changed our site background!! Note that the background was made by me and can only be used if you ask permission to me via our site email add. Check it out here--->  The background photo is a collage of Rob's different sides. The fun Rob, The sexy Rob, the serious Rob and the jokingly tough Rob!! Next, I will be making my official website just incase you guys wantt to see my other creations and my profile but no pictures of me will be available because I plan to not go public. We will also try our best to improve our photo gallery and make it easier to browse just for you guys. Anyway, until next time.

                                                                                        Rosy Belle @ Sunday, 8/8/10


 It's like were expanding every single day. Aside from being chosen as a Celebrity Site of the Day for August 19, 2010 at our site was also listed at We are so fortunate that the administrators thought that our site was good enough to be listed at their site. This is a big opportunity because by being listed, it means that our traffic would increase! Check out our site at


Celebrity Link
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Visit Celebrity Link at:

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More info can be found at:

Robert Pattinson Lover is --->

We will try to get listed at other sites. Please help us!

Plus major changes! Check 'em out.

Pattinson Quotes


Plus check out our new HQ banner!!



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 Yey! We just got an email from Celebrity Site Of The Day and we were chosen as the celebrity site of the day for AUGUST 19, 2010. Here are the informations about being a celebrity site of the day.

Celebrity Site of the Day
Each day a Celebrity Site of the Day is chosen. Not every site can
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Visit Celebrity Site of the Day at:

<---Here is our reward for being chosen as celebrity site of the day.


Thank you so much guys for helping us contribute to our site and expanding it. This site have only been opened for almost three months but we have already achieved an award, thanks to you. Please continue helping us by applying as an affliate, subscribing for a newsletter and to our site feeds and by sending up photos, vids, and infos about Rob that could really help us. You guys are awesome.



You guys can view the original email sent to us by here--->  


Plus check out some major changes to our site.

Latest News

Photo Gallery


                                                                             Rosy Belle @ Tuesday, 8/03/10





 Hey! Sorry I haven't been able to update for a while. I was a little busy with my school stuffs and with writing my stories. I'm an aspiring author, you see. Anyway, we just created a blog and we will be improving our newsletter so visit our blog at

                                                                            Rosy Belle @ Monday, 8/02/10



 Hi! Just wanted to let you guys know that our trial version for the site statistics widget on our homepage expires tomorrow (7/31/10). So instead, we signed up at and we will just be checking our site statistics daily and post it on our homepage and you can also check out the older version of our site statistics widget. Look for it there! Thanks!! Oh and were also working on improving this site as soon as possible. I'll just have to find time to do it because it's almost back-to-school for me and I'm really busy so watch out for it!!

                                                                               Rosy Belle @ Friday, 7/30/10 

 Hey! We've decided that to promote our site and get more visitors, we could make a twitter and facebook account! We will also list our site to other sites and promote our site to various directories and search engines such as Google. We will post all the sites we are listed in and all official accounts in our homepage as soon as we create some accounts and list our site to other websites! We will also post it here in my blog and as well as our newsletter!! Don't forget to sign up for a free newsletter and apply as our affliate!! Thank!! TTYL!!

                                                                       Rosy Belle @ Thursday, 7/29/10

 Hey! We just posted new photos!! It's the behind the scene shots of Robert Pattinson filming Water for Elephants! I know that in our disclaimer, it said that we are a paparazzi-free site and the photos may seem like paparazzi photos but these photos are approved by our site staffs and it's not considered as paparazzi photos that invade Rob's privacy. So the photos are accepted and sorry for those who emailed us saying that we should delete them! Love you guys!! Hope you guys understand!!

                                                                           Rosy Belle @ Thursday, 7/29/10

 Hey guys! Wow! We had visitors from Poland and Spain!! Thanks guys!! And we just wanted to say that when you guys email us, you can email us in whatever language you use.  Shout out to Gertrudiis, our first visitor from Spain!! We will reply to your message as soon as we can! Please sign up for a free newsletter! I just sent out the our very first newsletter so sign up now!!

                                                                           Rosy Belle @ Thursday, 7/29/10

 Hey there guys!! Welcome to my first entry here in my blog where I post our site announcements and comments. Well, first of all, I just want to say thanks so much guys for visiting our site and we will do all we can to improve and expand this site. As you might have noticed, our photo gallery, video gallery, and movie infos are incomplete. We will need all your to help us finish our site. so please if you have any donations of photos, videos or movie infos, please label them then send it to

                                                                            Rosy Belle @ Thursday, 7/29/10