"I was working at the zoo and I was taking care of the chinchillas, obviously,. That was my division. And Rob was looking after the zebras. That’s it right? You say zebras [strong e] not zebras [soft e]? He was looking after the zebras and there was a lot of feces involved… a lot of scooping, and we were both on our break which is very rare…very rare (smiling) that we get a break at the same time but we met and we talked. I talked about my chinchillas and he talked about his zebras. You know, I wanted to transfer. I’ve always liked rhinoceros and all of the sudden a giraffe with a guitar in its mouth dropped it in my arms and then Simba, the lion, came over and gave Rob a harmonica and a guitar and all of the sudden, bam! Song. Yeah, and I think we were…how old were we? We were working so I guess we were 54 at the time?

I met him at school (laughs)" -Sam Bradley